Saturday, July 7

Georgie showed in good faith today!

....and she walked away with the GRAND door prize! An '06 IN COLOR stamp pad, a Palette of Prints package, a stamp set of her choice (I had several extras that were unmounted), a couple of pages of Accents & Elements and several extra small trinket thingies! Congrats to her! :)

Now that my stamp room is clean for today's event and it's over I am going to go play with some of the new colors. I went to SU! Color Combos to check out the new colors! It's an awesome tool and it you have never used it I highly recommend it! It has all the colors plus the 06 IN COLOR and 07 IN COLOR colors.

I am off to play. I very well may be back to upload some of the projects I make this afternoon! Might as well enjoy the air conditioning in this sweltering heat!

Have a great day!

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