Sunday, July 8

Oh, the quiet is shattered!

Today the family returned from their vacation to Tennessee. The quietness of the past week is now gone but it's great to have them back. I didn't realize how much I had missed them, expecially Stephen and his laughter! He did well at reading while gone too...he cataloged in 25 books for the ten days they were gone. Amazing. Some of them were short and sweet but as long as he is reading I am not going to take them away!

Our church had our ground-breaking ceremony today after worship service. We are adding on offices (so we can remove the old ones and enlarge the foyer and I am hoping they add a welcome center), more class rooms, a better kitchen, more restrooms and a 1/2 size gym. Right now the community uses our church for funerals and weddings because we have the largest sanctuary but they go elsewhere for receptions, funerals dinners, etc. as our fellowship hall is small. This will not only get the Crosstraining classes (Sunday School) into separate rooms instead of offices but will give the community a place to hold the things that come with funerals and weddings. As a matter of fact, we don't have many 'gatherings' at our church as there is not enough room. So this will also aid in bringing the body together more often. One thing with our church is we are about 2 miles out of the community. The regular attenders come from a three county area so it takes planning to put together a gathering.

Well, I am off for the night. It's been a great week and weekend. Now back to reality with the family and work tomorrow!

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