Friday, April 25

Today is another day...

and I am in the prep mode! I have my first official Red Hats meeting tonight for God's Royal Hat Stampers! I am so excited about it. I am hoping that the turn out will be good but we will see.

I have a workshop tomorrow morning at 10 am and then my newest downline ***waving at Diane*** is having her first booked workshop at 2 pm (thanks to my mom booking from her). So it will be a "stampin'" day tomorrow! :)

James and I took today and Monday off as we were going to do a long weekend together. Since things come up we will be taking off Sunday after church for the night and come home on Monday. Looking forward to some quiet time together!

I participated in a Card Candy swap and made up over 60 candies on Wednesday night! I was going to mail them out yesterday but forgot the address at home! Work has been so busy that I even forgot to look it up on the internet! So James is mailing them out right now.

Well, I am off to clean the stamp room (looks like something exploded in there after Wednesday night) for tomorrow. Once James gets back home we will be taking off for the day. There are several things I want to do today (look for a new dryer, get the sermon done for Sunday, get a haircut, etc.).

Have a great day!

Friday, April 11

Brother....what a week!


I have been working from 7:30-6:00 pm every day this week until tonight. 4:30 rolled around and I rolled outta there! We had a big TS audit this week and I hate to say we didn't fair well. We shall see what comes out of this mess next week. I have some thing in mind that I may propose next week which will actually be good for a few people. I will spend the weekend pondering on how to present it. :O)

Tomorrow I am having a 5 for $5 class in my home. I am excited about spending some time with my girls. It's been a while.

Last weekend I spent doing VSN and had a blast. Granted I was by myself but still needed that time to relax and unwind. I have attached some of the cards I did....18 in all! If you want to see them all please visit my SCS gallery!