Saturday, September 6

Boy am I behind!

I didn't realize that it had been over three weeks since updating my blog! There are a lot of things happening right now that are keeping me going.

My knee has been just killing me for about 8 weeks or so. I went to my doctor who

diagnosed with severe arthritis and water on the knee about three weeks ago. He sent me to an ortheopedic surgeon for "shots". Well, I went Tuesday and that is NOT what he has in mind! He more than doubled the anti-inflammatory drug to 1000mg a day, Tylenol Arthritis 3X a day and 1500mg a day of gluclosamine. I have to go back for "weight bearing" x-rays. He said there are two things that he is concerned about. #1 being my weight...gotta lose it (like I haven't tried!)....and he is PRO bariatric. Says he has had many cases that have had the surgery and 3/4 of the knee problems went away. #2 is I am WAY too young for a total knee replacement. He also said a lot of people have arthritis and not a lot of pain. There may be tore cartlidge in the knee. Depending on how the meds work and the x-rays he will decide in three weeks what to do...whether to have an MRI done to determine the cartlidge. Some days there is so much pain I just want to sit down and cry! Others it is bearable. We shall see!

I did call up to Borgess Hospital to attend a free bariatric seminar on September 13. When I was talking to Cuz Carol (HI CAROL!) she decided she would go with me. Granted they do it right in her home town but she said she would feel better going with someone she knows. :o) Love you cuz!

Georgia had a bad mammogram a couple of weeks ago. Her doctor called her Wednesday (after being on vacation) and told her she needed to go back in for another mammo and a echogram (or something like that). She in Thursday for that and there is definitely something there. She was hoping to hear from her doctor yesterday but didn't. Now she will have to wait until Monday for anything more on it! Scares her because it was almost a year ago they diagnosed her mom with breast cancer!

We are having a large birthday party this afternoon for two of the four grandchildren. Jasmine turned 7 in August and Trenton will be 6 this month. So we are off to ladies breakfast and then to the birthday party. Then I need to work in the stamp room and prep for next weeks 5-4-5 class.

Oh...last night I did go to Ann's team meeting and we did a shoebox swap. If I have time I will post the cards that we made!

Hugs to all and have a great day!