Sunday, March 30

New blood! LOL

Diane, one of long-term and loved customers, signed up under me on March 15th. She got her kit a week ago Friday, came over last Monday her order from a previous party and had her "Stampin' Out" party yesterday.

She was so excited about designing her first card as a Stampin' Up! demo that she posed with her card for her mom. LOL

Everyone made a card using Sassy Sally, stamped on a candle with Big Flowers and used A Perfect Day Rub-ons on candle vases. She did a wonderful job!

She ended up with $401 in with the special she got $70 in FREE merchandise! She was so excited! She had three or four pages in a notebook of things she wanted to buy!

I will miss her as a customer but she is still my cousin and beloved friend. I am sure we will still get together for stamping events and I wish her all the luck! I know that she will do great at it as she has a bubbly and outgoing personality. She is so excited that she told me yesterday, "I just wanna do it!"

Friday, March 28

April's Color Challenge

This month's color challenge is......


You have until April 25th to complete the challenge. You can either upload your card to your gallery and post the address here or you can email me a scan/photo of your card.

The winner will receive an assortment of accessories. Good luck!

I must apologize....

to Rosella and Nancy. With everything that has been happening I have been lax on getting their blog candy out to them. I am pleased to say that they went out today!

I am so sorry that I didn't get it out before but between the new baby, the loss of my dad and working ot everyday (and some Saturdays) I am lucky to keep my head attached! :o)

Again....please forgive and I hope that you will come back again!

April's Sketch Challenge

Here is the sketch challenge for April.

You have until April 25 to complete the challenge. You can upload the card to your gallery and place a link here or you can email me a scan/photo of your card. Remember....this is the basic sketch and you can add to it as you wish.

The winner will receive an assortment of accessories. Good luck!

Wednesday, March 26


Please email me your address! My computer went down and the last person with the cards did not return the address slip! Thanks!

Tuesday, March 25

March '08 Round Robin card...this is great!

Wow...the girls did a fantastic job this time around!
If you would like to participate in April's Round Robin just drop me an email...taking sign-ups between April 1 and April 10. Cards will go out April 15. (I don't mind if you sign up early though!)

Saturday, March 22

Things have been bad lately...

And it's been hard to get in the habit of maintaining my blogs and websites. I think mainly because of losing my dad things have fell off my radar. But I know that I must move on. So...there are some things that I am going to do!

1. I updated my SU website earlier this week. Check out the added dates to the calendar.
2. I am now "queen" over a Red Hat Society group...God's Royal Hat Stampers. You can sign up to be one of our Red Hats (or Pink if you are under 50) by going here.
3. I took the time today to post to Redemptive Ramblings this afternoon.
4. I am prepping for what I plan on as a fantastic April! I's still March but I am so looking forward to SPRING! The April workshops will have a "picnic" theme! Intrigued? Check out one of the sets here! My set will be arriving next Monday! Woohoo!
5. I have started a card ministry in our church. Granted there are only 4 of us right now but we are using up a lot of my old cards and card fronts at this three months we have sent out over 60 cards! It makes my heart warm to think that these women enjoy this as much as I do...sharing our love within the church family - birthdays and anniversaries...and some thinkings of you for those that are homebound or going through a rough time.

Hopefully this weekend I can upload some pictures of some of the projects that we have done over the past few weeks. I will need to see if James' computer has enough OOMPH to hold some of the pictures! My 'puter is DOWN and OUT!

Monday, March 3

Time to clean!

Well the past week has been one of grief, hurt, sadness, sorrow, feeling of betrayal, etc. I am now in the stage of healing. I know that it will take a lot of time but I took the first major step last night. I need to clean the stamp room! Oh looks like SOMETHING exploded in there and I am not sure what! The only part of the table I can actually see is where my husband puts his computer to write at night. :)

I have to prep for an open stamp night and a workshop too. Gonna be a busy week. I will not have any time this weekend to clean as hubby and I are going to Love & Respect Conference Friday night and Saturday afternoon/evening. Saturday morning I am attending a local church's women's conference. I will have to leave early but not before I get to hear Laura Loveberry! She is totally awesome. She is actually Mrs. Michigan! Her speech will be "If I'm a child of the King, where's my tiara?" I can't wait! She is so funny but she gets her point across.

Anyhoo - once I get the stamp room clean I will be posting a few samples with recipes. I am considering starting a picture technique theme once a month and then have a challenge for that technique. Any input?