Monday, March 3

Time to clean!

Well the past week has been one of grief, hurt, sadness, sorrow, feeling of betrayal, etc. I am now in the stage of healing. I know that it will take a lot of time but I took the first major step last night. I need to clean the stamp room! Oh looks like SOMETHING exploded in there and I am not sure what! The only part of the table I can actually see is where my husband puts his computer to write at night. :)

I have to prep for an open stamp night and a workshop too. Gonna be a busy week. I will not have any time this weekend to clean as hubby and I are going to Love & Respect Conference Friday night and Saturday afternoon/evening. Saturday morning I am attending a local church's women's conference. I will have to leave early but not before I get to hear Laura Loveberry! She is totally awesome. She is actually Mrs. Michigan! Her speech will be "If I'm a child of the King, where's my tiara?" I can't wait! She is so funny but she gets her point across.

Anyhoo - once I get the stamp room clean I will be posting a few samples with recipes. I am considering starting a picture technique theme once a month and then have a challenge for that technique. Any input?

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