Saturday, March 22

Things have been bad lately...

And it's been hard to get in the habit of maintaining my blogs and websites. I think mainly because of losing my dad things have fell off my radar. But I know that I must move on. So...there are some things that I am going to do!

1. I updated my SU website earlier this week. Check out the added dates to the calendar.
2. I am now "queen" over a Red Hat Society group...God's Royal Hat Stampers. You can sign up to be one of our Red Hats (or Pink if you are under 50) by going here.
3. I took the time today to post to Redemptive Ramblings this afternoon.
4. I am prepping for what I plan on as a fantastic April! I's still March but I am so looking forward to SPRING! The April workshops will have a "picnic" theme! Intrigued? Check out one of the sets here! My set will be arriving next Monday! Woohoo!
5. I have started a card ministry in our church. Granted there are only 4 of us right now but we are using up a lot of my old cards and card fronts at this three months we have sent out over 60 cards! It makes my heart warm to think that these women enjoy this as much as I do...sharing our love within the church family - birthdays and anniversaries...and some thinkings of you for those that are homebound or going through a rough time.

Hopefully this weekend I can upload some pictures of some of the projects that we have done over the past few weeks. I will need to see if James' computer has enough OOMPH to hold some of the pictures! My 'puter is DOWN and OUT!

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dasimonds said...

So sorry to hear of your
dad's passing.
You must have many great memories
to cherish.
Stamping is great therapy.

*Have a Happy Easter!