Saturday, July 7

Flowers and Max :o)

I went outside instead of going into the stamp room and took some pictures of our flowers. :o)
James planted three hibiscus plants last weekend....look at the bloom and the buds!

This is the hibiscus tree he bought and planted three weeks ago. It has had a few big flowers on it but today it only has buds!

Last year he bought 50 daylily starts on line. He planted them and last year I think we had three or four that actually bloomed! This year they seemed to come up later than all those that I have seen but wow! They are blooming like mad!

Last but not least is our Max...sweet looking but oh man can she fool you with that! She spends most of her time outside. When she comes in she runs and rips and tears through the house! Right now she is shedding galore! I used 8 sheets off my lint roller to wipe down the couch and love seat this morning! This picture was actually taken last night in her "quiet time".

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Italodisco said...

Nice flowers, nice dog. Kostas.