Monday, July 30

Alas...trying to clean up my stamp room...

I started on Saturday...or was it Sunday? I don't remember...the weekend is way too short! Anyway...I got the eyelet table cleaned off, the many baggies of cut cardstock sorted through (removed all the retired colors and put them in another baggy for personal use in my grandbabies scrapbooks).

I got the table cleaned off, things put away from playing last week, stamp sets put up, sorted out some of my retired stamp sets that I sold (waiting on payment), and swept.

So what do I have left? I need to sort out all my scraps by color, reorganize some of the stuff on my table that holds all my scrapbooks, Inspiration Sheets, and odd & end papers (designer and In Color paper). Hmmmm, I really need to see if I can buy that large filing cabinet at work! That would really help organize that area! Oh, and I want to buy some curtain rods to store my punches on....see that on SCS! What a great idea! Right now I have several mini three drawer storage bins and some a little larger. I think I want to go to see through containers, maybe then it will not look so crowded! My shelves are deep and the stackers are not deep enough so there is so much stuff stacked in I have to move it whenever I want something! Grrr! LOL Need to sell my stamps!

Well, I am off. Time for bed for the night.

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