Monday, July 2

Prepping for Catalog Open House...

Today I plan on prepping for the open house this Saturday. Got lots to do and a limited time to do it in! I want to sort out all my retired sets, get them priced, and ready. I plan on doing a make 'n' take for those that come along with door prizes too. Hmmmm, wonder who all will come? Who is willing to take the time to stop by? We shall see!

Of course, any sets that don't sell will be posted on a couple of different sites after the fact. I need to turn them over so I can get some new stuff!

I did order some new things yesterday, hoping it will get shipped out before Wednesday! I would hate to have to wait until after the 4th for shipment! 'Sides me and my girls need those sets so we can do our shoebox swap for the 13th and then we will be working on a 50 card swap on the 14th! Please...oh please....get it in the mail before the holiday! LMBO

Well, I am off! Gotta clean the stamp room tables off so I have room to make a mess again! LOL Maybe I will be back later to post some cards or something with the new colors. Want to see how much I can get done tonight! Here are some sample swatches of the new colors. Hmmmm, curious to see how well they blend with current colors!

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