Thursday, July 12

I've been tagged! And I wondered.....

...what do I need to do? LOL So I went to Patti's blog to check it out! So I guess I am tell 7 things about me....

Let's see....

  1. I love contemporary Christian music. Cece Winans' Hallelujah Praise Song is a great song to get you into the worshiping mood! I like the faster music the best as it makes me feel free!
  2. I love spending time with my grandchildren. I have three-Stephen is 7, Jasmine is 5 and Trenton is 4. We are expecting another in January. I love having them around, spoiling them rotten and then sending them home. The only thing is that Stephen lives with us!
  3. I am pleasing plump...well, maybe more than that! I have tried a little bit of everything to lose weight but it just finds me again! Actually I am not discipled enough! I can do really great for about a month or two but I get discouraged because I want instant gratification!
  4. I love Stampin' Up and the products they sell. This year I was not so excited about the stamp sets but I LOVE the new accessories this year! My Pretties came today and I am going to go play! I actually have a shoe box swap to prep for and then I am cutting cardstock for a 50 card swap that I will be assembling on Saturday. Want to get them in the mail on Monday if at all possible.
  5. I have never been a "WOMAN" person. Most of my friends have been males...and I do mean friends. Women in general have always not been nice....know what I am saying? Yet I believe that God has brought me around full circle. I have build many relationships with women thru Stampin' Up! I think that was His test for me as I have and do enjoy working with the women of our church! As a matter of fact, for a couple of years I was co-coordinator for the women's TEAM (Together Experiencing A Mission). Then they decided to have everyone go thru the pastor to organize the events which is working out well too. However, I still organize all our conferences (our church district conference, Women of Faith, Pleasant Hill Women's Conference, etc.).
So now I need to go tag....let me see! I will come back to update this posting once I have commented and tagged someone's blog! LOL

I tagged...
Crafty Engineer (Don't know what your name is!)

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CraftyEngineer/TexasLonghorns said...

Hey Theresa!

I did my "homework"! Thanks for tagging me! And my name is Geeta :)