Thursday, June 21

Stop the world! I want off!

What a week this has been. My uncle was in the hospital all last week and passed away on Sunday at 5 pm. They are doing a memorial service for him this coming Sunday after church.

Tuesday my dad calls the ambulance and has them take him to the hospital. He was in so much pain that he had to crawl to his truck to call them! Anyhoo - they say the muscles in his thighs have collapsed and his enzymes are WAY too high...average is 200-300 and last night they were 7200! They transported him to Borgess in Kazoo last night. Today he has been a grouchy ol' man because he didn't want pain meds. Marlene said they have been running tests today and they have a couple of ideas but do not want to confirm until after an MRI this evening. They were totally stumped in TR hospital!

Anyhoo - we have been on the run most of the week and I really wanted to go up tonight but apparently God had other ideas! Someone had to stick around to pick my mom up and someone needed to babysit Stephen. So here I am...which is a good thing. I am doing laundry (which has not been done all week) and catching up on my websites! At least a couple anyway! :o)

I will be back in a few to post today's Technique Thursday!

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