Monday, June 25

Can I go to bed now???? Please????

I am spiritually, physically and mentally exhausted! It has been a busy week. Dad was in the hospital first 25 minutes away then to hour + away.

Yesterday we were out the door by 7:15 am for church, came home long enough to drop James off and pick up mom, drove a half hour to my Uncle's funeral, back home to drop mom off and pick up James, drove to Kazoo to see Dad, back home at 10 pm...just in time to climb into bed exhausted!

Today at work they started the TS audit - an audit done 2X a year to make sure that our quality systems are in place and functioning. It's usually 2 full days. Well this is the first one that I have done in my new position and this morning I was BOMBARDED with documents to change! Nothing like the last minute! I worked from 7:30 this morning to 6:30 tonight and could have easily worked another hour or two. But I needed to come home and just STOP!

I am on my way to bed after an exhausting day. I look forward to the gentle warmth and security of my water bed. I just know I will go "AHHHH" when I lay down!

Good night, sleep tight,
Don't let the bed bugs bite!
(Or hubby's for that matter!) LOL

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