Tuesday, October 2

Hello from Chi-town!

I had to make a trip to Chicago yesterday and today for my every day work. It's been interesting to see the changes that have happened over here in the year plus since coming down. I was driving down once a month for a few days and some times for a week at a time! But as things progressed at our plant with all the new launches last year it was decided I should stick close to home. I came out here to work on a project for them and should be on my way home later this afternoon!

Anyhoo - the reason for this post is to sign up for Round Robin Round 2! I will be taking sign-ups until October 10. I will establish the list, the route of the cards and will drop them in the mail to the first person by October 15. You have 3 days to add your embellishments to the cards and send them on to the next person on the list!

Just post your name here and email your name and address to Thanks for participating! There will be room for 6-7 players so sign up today!

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Carol Grove said...

I would like to join Round Robin #2.