Monday, December 10

Weather outside is frightful....

Boy what a mess! We have had rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow over the past 36 hours. The back roads are a mess...slick and icy. The main roads seem to be pretty clear though. Please pray for everyone traveling today for a safe arrival.

What a weekend! First our wash
er went out-we went shopping for a new one and James went to pick it up...and had a huge fender bender accident! There will probably $4000 damage to his truck. It was drivable for him to get home but he can't drive it to headlights! Then yesterday my son went into a tail spin on the country roads, went off the road and hit a steel fence post with his car! Luckily his was the back end....looks like it tweaked the fender out of position and cracked his tail light. I will have to post pictures later tonight after work. Then they said they were taking my car into town to pick up my grandson! I DON'T THINK SO! LOL

James' work has their annual Christmas party Friday evening this week. They have it at the local golf course and serve a very nice meal! The best thing...the shrimp appetizer! Yummy!

This week I will be working on cleaning the stamp room and prepping for our annual Christmas party on Saturday. We do a drawing for a Secret Santa to be revealed at our party. We also do a Make 'n' Take and just chat. This year I will be serving a nice lunch for them too!

I am going to be doing some changes over the holiday with my blog. One change will be with the color and sketch challenges. I am thinking that I will do one each a month instead of two each a month. This will give people a chance to get the challenges done! :o)

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