Sunday, December 30

Great gift from my DSIL....

She took all the pictures from our family reunion in Tennessee this summer and made everyone a scrapbook calendar from On each b-day and anniversary is a picture of the couple or individual. For extended family members that were not there they still put their names on their b-days. It was great to see that we will be able to enjoy this for the whole year! She also included a burned CD with all the pictures too.

This is the cover of the calendar....

Back Row: Greg, Angie, Art, Sherrie, Dawn, Craig, Jerry, Benjamin
Middle Row: James, Theresa, Tom, Detta, Chrissy, Amanda, Sammy
Front Row: Leah, Courtney, Kayla, Sarah, Belle, Maddie, Gabby, Jake
Missing are a WHOLE LOT! LOL

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