Thursday, August 16

We are back safe and sound!

We had a wonderful time visiting my in-laws in Memphis. All six boys and girls made it along with mom and dad. Talk about overcrowding! LOL There were 25 of us in the house most of the time. It was so hot....HOW HOT WAS IT? It is over 100 most days with heat index of 115! We could let the little ones out to play from 8-10 am then back in the house. We went to the mall one night and at 10 pm it was 97! Just sweating thinking about it!

I am prepped for the big scrapbook stamp camp this Saturday. I have to get 5 cards made tonight for the 10-10 swap that my downline holds once a month so I can delivery them tomorrow. I also need to work on a full card swap from the new mini that is due to ship out on Monday.

My MIL and DIL will be visiting Sunday evening, staying the night and taking off Monday morning when we leave for work so this is another busy week for us until next Monday! I am so thankful that they will be able to stop for the evening to visit. We have not seen mom in about 4 years and 2 years since seeing dad. It's great to have that time together...I have some AWESOME in-laws! They are wonderful God-fearing people who accept you for who you are. They don't try to change you and they don't condemn you. That is hard to come by for in-laws! Thank you Lord! :o)

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