Saturday, May 30

Soooo behind!

I realize that I am SOOOO behind! I was laid off for two weeks with no access to a computer unless I went to town! Thank God I go back on Monday! WOOHOO!

I do have some pictures to share but will need to save them to a flash drive to post. I never think about bringing the thing with me when I come in.

I will also be posting the June newsletter next week so come back and check it out!

We made the cutest necklace using the Hodge Podge hardware set and I can't wait to share it with you!

Also been going to FitZone for Women...lost 5 pounds and several inches in the month I have been going. When I went to Dr's appt a couple of weeks ago I had lost 9 pounds in two months. The one thing I am doing different is watching WHAT I eat and WHEN I eat. Keeping an online food journal on SparkPeople has also kept me accountable for what I am eating...trying to keep between 1300-1600 calories a day with 75-100 grams of protein!

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