Thursday, May 7

Been a LONG time!

Due to the economical downturn in our home, we let our internet go as a cost save. Hopefully things will be up and going again quickly now that James is back to work! Yoohoo! It's been four months since he was laid off and he went back to work yesterday.

I will have to take some pics of the current things we have worked on, save to a jump drive and update my site during lunch! :o)

What's happening in our little corner of the world?

My mom, son and I all joined a 12 week weight loss challenge. We are starting week four now. Last week for me was a BAD week; birthday, sick for two days, out to eat ALL day Sunday and Mother-Daughter banquet...needless to say the scale showed it. However, I brushed myself off and back on track today!

I joined FitZone. I need to get this weight off and since I had to start ALL over with teh six month weight loss management thing again I decided I am NOT going to just sit still and not do anything. Granted, it's going to tighten the budget but that just means that I pack my lunch and eat breakfast at home (which is better for you anyway!).

James has two books published and is about 2/3 of the way thru book three in the series. Not selling as he wished it did but they told him from the beginning that it will take a while. He also became a certified personal trainer during his lay-off.

My daughter and her three children are moving to Louisiana next Saturday! I'm gonna cry and pout! Imagine them 1000 miles away. WWAAAHHHH!

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