Sunday, May 25

A very quiet weekend...

...considering it is a holiday weekend!

Friday we committed dad's ashes to the ground at a very small family get-together at the cemetery. My sis and her boyfriend drove up from Kokomo for a few days so we could do it this weekend. We thought about doing it on his birthday but she is going to start college and that is the week of exams so there was no way she could get here then. It will be nice to remember him though on this weekend...Memorial Weekend.

Saturday my mom and I went to town rummaging. It's been a long time since the two of us have done that alone. We stopped at a few sales then went to Goodwill, thinking it was 50% off Saturday! LOL Of course, it wasn' week is! But we still shopped and I got Chad, the newest addition, quite a few onsies for the summer. They were so cute! One with Mickey, one with a dragon, one with Pooh, etc. I couldn't pass them up!

Today we went to church then came home. Travis took Stephen to see The Chronicles of Naria - Prince Capian so it is rather quiet this afternoon! James is reading, mom taking a nap and I am trying to update websites today.

Here are a few cards that I have been working on. The next post will be a tutorial on the fcard you see below. It was quite easy once I got going!


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