Thursday, May 17

Technique Thursday - Retro Resist Technique

Below are the directions for the technique:

1. Fold a piece of waxed paper in half, and then in half again (now it’s in quarters).

2. Next fold it into wedges (like a piece of pie) folding it into as many wedges as possible. Holding the thin wedge piece, now take and twist it to get lots of crinkles in the waxed paper.

3. Unfold waxed paper and place on top of a piece of Glossy card stock. Place a piece of scrap paper over the waxed paper and iron over the layers with a hot iron. Remove scrap piece, and waxed paper. The Glossy card stock will have a faint resist marking on it.

4. Option #1: Using a marker, draw a spiral on the Glossy card stock starting in the center going outward. Continue with more spirals of different colors. Once your card stock is covered with swirls of color, use a clean sponge dauber and starting in the center of the design, rub in a circular motion to pull the colors into one another like a tie-dyed shirt.

Option #2: Ink up a sponge dauber on an ink pad. Draw with the dauber on the Glossy card stock in a circular motion (like a bull’s eye); alternate with another color.

(This sample was done using ink pads and sponges.)

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