Wednesday, September 8

What are you doing with your time?

Time management is a problem now-a-days! Computer, technology, sports, etc. have all side lined us for time!

What have I done differently? I have been using a calendar consistently to help with organization of everything happening in my life these days. And I have found I can't say YES to everything that comes my way. I have to choose how, when and where to spend my time. Does it work all the time? NOPE! But I think I am getting better at it!

Life is about balance and balance is about having the right amount of everything in your life. You have to have "me" time (and no that is not being self-centered, it's about renewing). What other "time" can you think of? God! Family! Friends! Fun! Relaxation! Quiet!

Get a calendar today...doesn't have to be extravagant...a monthly one will do! I have mine hanging here by my desk at work. I also have a small one that I carry with me so I can take with to schedule different events: workshops, Red Hats, church events, family time, etc. Then make wise choices to balance what you are filling your time with!

And remember...ME time is not a dirty word! :)

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