Monday, September 6

Act IV - Overcoming Nos

Act IV is all about overcoming Nos...Hard Nos....Soft Nos...

Hard Nos are a definite NO! They just are not interested...period!

Soft Nos are kind of a hemming/hawing NO...they just aren't sure at this time, not confident in their abilities, etc.

Nos are for both booking and recruiting! Some may book, book, book but they are just not interested in being a demonstrator. Some may be willing to do both.

We must look at the positive with the negative! They are NOT turning down YOU but the product/service. It's NOT to be taken personally, even though we, as humans, hate rejection.

And, of course, there is the opposite end of the spectrum...YES! This is so exciting when people say YES to booking and/or recruiting! They are excited about what you are sharing with them...and they want to share too!

Here is my MDS for Overcoming NO jar and my YES jar...they are self-explanatory!

Are you interested into becoming a YES butterfly???
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