Tuesday, July 27

Stampers 10 (10 for 10) Club

I have had a request to begin a 10 for 10 club for the 2nd Friday of every month.

What does a 10 for 10 entail? 10 people make a commitment for 10 months to purchase $15 worth of merchandise. The hostess benefits will rotate through the club members each month. When it is your month you can get as many outside orders as you want! The more orders the more FREE stuff you can earn! The two months we will not meet will be July and December. These are usually the busiest months for everyone and hard to pull it together.

If you cannot make the club meeting you have until 6 pm on Sunday to place your order and get the money to me. You will be asked to sign a contract that you realize this commitment and will be forthright in being on time with your order/money so the others in the club are not made to wait on you.

To sign up simple drop an email to me at

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