Wednesday, July 21

My Story

Here is the next challenge - to write and share my SU! story....

My Story –

In 2001 our church had a difficult split. With that split, we went to another church. We decided to stay at that church until after the holidays.

In November I was invited to a SU! workshop by a woman at the church (thanks Lynne). At first I wasn’t interested but thought it would be a good ice breaker in the new church. My mom crashed the party with me ‘just because”. When we arrived there were a couple of other women, whom I didn’t know and Lynne, of course. Her demonstrator was awesome…sharing pastels with us. I thought that was “totally kewl”! I bought a daisy stamp set, black ink, cardstock and the pastels at that workshop and decided to book my own, the first of many workshops!

In May of 2002 I told James, “I can do this. What do ya think?” He went out, bought me a toolbox to use for the workshops and a beautiful card and signed it…”to my stampin’ up demonstrator, with love”…and that sealed the deal. I signed up in June of 2002. I went to my one (and only) convention with one of my then downlines in 2003...meeting up with my upline, her upline and her upline...somewhere I have a pic of us and will have to post it!

I have had a few recruits along the way but as of right now am without a downline. I would love to get a couple of the girls to sign back up this month with the RESIGN FOR $35 SPECIAL!

Needless to say, SU has been a creative outlet, a relationship builder/rekindler and an awesome way to share with others!

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That was so sweet of your your story!