Wednesday, August 12

Where has summer gone?

I look outside this morning and notice that the corn is tassling and the glads are blooming. Where has the summer gone? It seems like only yesterday the snow disappeared and here we are already half way through August!

The summer has been filled with lots of different things and workshops was NOT one of them! LOL I know that times have been hard for all. BUT I have a workshop booked for a week from Saturday! Woohoo! It has been SO long that I will have to work on my presentation skills! hehe

We are making a slider card, the butterfly card below (from VSN) and a 6x6 scrapbook page. Will be working on cutting this weekend. If you want to join give me a hollar and I can set you up with the address where we will be!

I am stoked with the new mini and hoping this will spring board some addition workshops! I ordered a couple of the Build-A-Bear things and will be placing another order for some jewlery this weekend.

I so can not wait until November when I will be doing a Jeweley for a Year in a Day Stamp Camp! Each participant will pre-order a charm and necklace then we will make 12 inserts, one for each month. Cost will depend on the charm/necklace the participant orders + $5 for supplies. Wanna join? Give me a hollar! :)

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Carol said...

Butterfly card below? For some reason I can't see it.