Friday, April 2

Spring has sprung!

What's on your agenda for the weekend? I have big plans to CLEAN this weekend. We actually started last night on the outside. They cleaned up stones, cut back ornamental grasses, burned some boxes and grass, picked up the yard.

Tonight I would like to work on one side of the garage, make a trip to the dump tomorrow morning and Goodwill to recycle old TVs and computers. Hopefully the rain will hold off until we get that done!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be home alone so my plan is to work feverishly in the stamp room. We are getting ready for a FPU garage sale (Financial Peace University) on April 17th at the church. I have two boxes of stamps already to take and I know I will have more once I get in there and clean! I am hoping to raise alot on money for our emergency fund/vacation fund. :)

Sunday we are going to the church for Easter breakfast (served by the men), service and then will have lunch at our home: ham, mashed potatoes, veggie and a dessert. Then I am hoping we can sit down as a family and watch "The Blind Side".

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