Monday, March 15

Saturday's Workshop

We had a great time Saturday. My mom and I went to the church first for a Ladies Swap & Brunch deal. Picked up three shirts for FREE! Who doesn't like FREE! Had a good brunch of egg quiche, sausage & biscuits, fresh fruit.

Then off we went to Diane's. She made homemade chicken noodle soup (YUMMY) and, of course, her wonderful Mexican chip dish (not sure what ya call it).

She had a great turn out - 9 not counting me. Two were new stampers which was a blessing in disguise since I had not had a workshop in such a long time it made me go back to my "roots" to start with who I was and a little about the company. :) We had a great time and they loved the cards we made. Diane's comment was, "Those are different from the ones we usually make." So true...we usually don't make masculine cards...not sure why but we don't. Anyhoo - she ended up with a little over $200 which entitled her to $20 in free merchandise and a free level one stamp set.

Thanks Diane for having us in your home! We need to set up a day just to play again! OR to do the Simply Scrappin' 60 cards day again. I so enjoy the company of my women friends!

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