Wednesday, January 28

More snow today....

Will it ever end? I woke up this morning to at least 2" on the porch, walkway and truck. When I got home at noon I shoveled the porch and steps while James shoveled the path and end ot the driveway. I bet there was at least 3" of new snow today. ***sigh*** I am SO ready for spring to get here!

What have I been working on? I made 24 cards for soldiers, a card for my SS on SCS MM. What do I still need to do? The list is long!

  1. Another card for my SS this week!
  2. Two cards for my SS next month.
  3. A shoe box swap for Friday night.
  4. My "FAITH" scrapbook page for January.
  5. Get February's newsletter doen.
  6. Update my blog.
Geez...and when am I supposed to do all this! LMBO

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